Just BioChem (Industrial & Fuel)

Just BioChem (Industrial & Fuel) is undergoing a shift in focus, which started during 2022 & is now gaining momentum.  We are shifting our focus into niche market segments, aligning a differentiated product offer for each segment.

1. The Barnawatha plant has Distillation capability which enables the removal of sulphur, glycerine by-product & the heavy boiling fraction.  That process delivers a product with water clear clarity.

2. The BDI plant design allows feedstock flexibility & optimisation (Tallow, UCO & crude vegetable oils).  In particular, we can tailor the product Cloud Point.   We have an integrated feedstock supply strategy for Tallow & UCO through our partnership with Oztek Holdings Pty Ltd.

3. The Methyl Oleate product is being well received in the Industrial Market – unique surfactant properties, viscosity, clarity and cloud point.

4. The Biodiesel product is focused on customers who are committed to achieving ESG targets.  Including power generation, construction, mining, and marine end-uses, and blended into both diesel and fuel-oil blends.

5. For those customers who are committed to achieving renewable targets, Just BioChem offers the product assurance certainty, and meets the International Sustainability & Carbon Compliance (ISCC).  ISCC compliance requires an annual audit on Just BioChem feedstock and processes.

At this time the Australian road transport diesel market will not support the price premium associated with biodiesel, in large part that premium is caused by elevated feedstock prices (driven in turn by US & EU subsidies).

The new Just BioChem focus is part of an ongoing transition for Just Biodiesel, in adapting to market requirements and building a profitable business for the future.  The formation of Just Biodiesel was finalised in December 2018.  The Barnawatha biodiesel plant was formerly owned by Australian Renewable Fuels (ARF) and Biodiesel Producers Pty Ltd (BPL).  We went through a successful re-commissioning start-up phase, and then started shipping biodiesel in the month of June 2019.

We started out with supply of biodiesel to the Australian market via our distribution partners Refuelling Solutions & Viva Energy Australia.  Then in 2020 we received EU & California ISCC & LCFS accreditation for our production processes and quality standards, and we then initiated export supply.  

Currently we are witnessing an ongoing shift in community expectations around renewable products, replacing fossil fuel derived products, Just BioChem is well placed to meet this demand.

Updated Mid-2023

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