Just Biodiesel

The formation of Just Biodiesel Pty Ltd was finalised in December 2018. This followed the purchase of the Barnawatha biodiesel plant from the receiver, Korda Mentha, in May 2018. The plant was formerly owned by Australian Renewable Fuels(ARF) and Biodiesel Producers Pty Ltd (BPL).

We have just been through a successful re-commissioning and start-up phase, and started shipping biodiesel in the month of June 2019. This has been possible with the return of 11 experienced employees (out of a total of 16 employees).

Going forward we will be supplying the Australian market with B-5 and B-20 via our distribution partners Refuelling Solutions & Viva Energy Australia. In addition we will be exporting B-100 to customers in California and the EU, starting in 2nd half of 2019. We have an integrated feedstock supply strategy for Tallow and Used Cooking Oil (UCO).

We are witnessing a global shift in community expectations around renewable fuels, and as one of the newest members of Bioenergy Australia, are well placed to meet these expectations.

Just Biodiesel Launch Event (July 17, 2019)

Contact Us

We are in the establishment phase of the new business (and website).
In the first instance please contact one of the below persons:

Peter Chomley – Director ([email protected] or 0417 526 012)

Greg Boyall – General Manager ([email protected] or  0401 700 543)